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> > Sustainable Volunteering at the Royal Engineers Museum

Sustainable Volunteering at the Royal Engineers Museum

Museum Name

Royal Engineers Museum, Library & Archive

Museum Contact

Rebecca Nash (Head Curator) and Danielle Sellers (Deputy Curator Collections)

Title of Project

Sustainable Volunteering at the Royal Engineers Museum


July 2013 - February 2014

What was the Project aim(s)?

Objectives for the project:

  • In conjunction with staff, volunteers & Trustees, develop and agree a new volunteer policy and agreement in line with Good Practice and REMLA’s needs – this will include travel policy, problem-solving, reward and recognition / benefits.
  • Agree a recruitment and induction process – this will include role descriptions, promotion, application process, collaboration with the local volunteer centre, development of a handbook
  • Ensure management / trustee support for sustainable volunteering – so that there is knowledge, understanding & support for volunteering going forward, including any need for additional future funding

What was the impact of the project?


  • Through written and verbal consultations and discussion, a new volunteer strategy and policy framework have been developed, including a revised volunteer agreement. These build on existing good practice at REMLA, whilst addressing current and future needs. The strategy and policy are both ready to be formally adopted by the Trustees at their next meeting.
  • The recruitment process has been streamlined. This includes the production of revised role descriptions to a standard format, wider advertising involving the local volunteer centre, and production of a registration form. Key documents will be posted on the website – volunteer policy, volunteer agreements, registration form
  • A contents list for the volunteer handbook has been identified, based on consultations with both volunteers and staff, and a user-friendly handbook will be written over the next few months
  • Once all the paperwork has been finalised, a staff training day is planned to launch everything
  • Throughout the process management and trustees have been kept informed, and consulted as appropriate

Overall Cost of Project

£2,500 (a quarter of the overall Kent-wide project costs)