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> > Sustainable Volunteering at the Powell-Cotton Museum

Sustainable Volunteering at the Powell-Cotton Museum

Museum Name

Powell-Cotton Museum & Quex House

Museum Contact

Fran Mileman (Volunteer Co-ordinator)

Title of Project

Sustainable Volunteering at the Powell-Cotton Museum


July 2013 - February 2014

What was the Project aim(s)?

Objectives for the project:

  • To increase the confidence and competence of the volunteer liaison officer
  • To develop and write a volunteer handbook, involving volunteers and staff in its content and design
  • In consultation with staff and volunteers, start to produce standardised role descriptions

What was the impact of the project?


  • Fran says she feels more confident about her role. She has improved her communication with colleagues, so that she has a fuller picture of current volunteer involvement and issues
  • A draft volunteer handbook has been produced, with support from volunteers and staff
  • A draft role description for a Gardening Volunteer has been produced
  • Following a staff consultation, facilitated by Maggie, consensus was reached about the need for more sharing of good practice and standardisation of procedures
  • The Director, Karen Botha, with the support of Fran, will work with staff and Trustees to develop a new volunteer policy / strategy, to ensure volunteering contributes to organisational objectives, whilst meeting the needs and aspirations of volunteers

Overall Cost of Project

£2,500 (a quarter of the overall Kent-wide project costs)