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Volunteers in Learning & Public Engagement

This Surrey, East & West Sussex Museum Development funded opportunity continues with our aim to support museums to develop sustainable practices in volunteer management. 

After a successful pilot year working with the Watts Gallery, Arundel Museum & East Grinstead Museum, the ViL (Volunteers in Learning) project is being rolled out accross our sub-region again this financial year, and we are now encouraging museums to be part of this years Project.

The Project programme gives museums 2 days of bespoke on site training & mentoring support to up-skill volunteers & volunteer managers who have a responsibility to deliver or contribute to learning sessions and who engage with the public more generally.

It will directly assist up to 3 museums between September 2017 - March 2018. The MDO Project Manager Helen Derbyshire has already contracted two specialist consultant trainers in learning practices and volunteer management & leadership to work individually with participants in order to tailor elements of the training days. Each museum beneficiary will have 1 day with a learning trainer and 1 day with a volunteer management & leadership trainer. Each day will be split in half, so volunteers can attend a half day and those that manage or coordinate volunteers can come to the other half for more informal mentoring.

The project aims to provide museums with an opportunity to highlight and review key competencies, and discuss pertinent challenges in their organisation and management of volunteers working in learning & public engagement. The benefits for your museum volunteers attending such days could include; improved sector knowledge; best practice ‘dos and don’ts, why’s and how’; peer to peer reflection; increased confidence and team building.

An application to this project would be a great investment by the museum and may also lead on to greater changes such as; team reviews; learning programme redesign; policy planning and recruitment roles.

If you are interested in applying please send an Expression of Interest email titled ‘SEWS Learning Volunteers EOI’ to  by 1pm on Thursday 20th JULY.

Only Accredited or working towards Accreditation organisations may apply.

*Please note after an eligible EOI has been received, a short application form will be sent to you. Applications will be assessed by helen derbyshire and the consultants against a matrix to determine who the support will go to, and museums will be told the outcome of their application by Monday 7th August.