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Security Policies for Museums


In 2016, SEMDP commissioned Osprey Heritage Mangement(OHM) to provide expert advice on museum security, As part of their project, John Minary - who led the OHM team - visited four museums in Hampshire Solent, and

  • Conducted security audits together with a team of staff or volunteers from each site
  • Coached the museum teams in how undertake EVAs (Environmental Visual Audits) to monitor security
  • Based on his work with the museums,  produced security related resources or templates that will help all museums improve their security provision

Security Policies

The experience of working with museum teams helped John identify the need to pull together security management at museums into a coherent policy.

As part of the project, John advised:

Good security management underpins almost everything, every museum does, albeit in different ways.  ... The starting off point must be creating a central, concise security policy, upon which all the different elements of security, recruitment, CCTV, alarms, retail, training et al. 

To help museums improve their security management, he has produced two templates:

Sample Security Policy Template

You can use this template to draw together a policy that reflect all relevant aspects of security management on your site

Download Sample_Security_Policy_Template.docx...

Sample HR Security Policy Template

Following on from the overall security policy, this template helps you define how you take security into account when recruiting and managing staff

Download Sample_HR_Security_Policy_Template.docx...

... more information on museum security

To access more information, advice and guidance on how to monitor and improve security at your museum, please use the link below to visit the Collections Trust resources.