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Packing Collections, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

Museum Name

Tangmere  Military Aviation Museum

Museum Contact

Dr. Reginald Byron, Archivist and Deputy Curator

Equipment / materials used or borrowed

Dust tray made of acid free card for cleaning books

Image credit: Reginald Byron

Acid-free tissue, Melinex, Tyvek sheeting, silica gel, cotton tape, grey card, blotting paper

How did you use the equipment / material to improve your collections care?

Packing a pilot helmet for storage

Image credit: Reginald Byron

  • Packing and wrapping WW2 pilots’ helmets (tissue and Tyvek)
  • Packing and wrapping albums and documents (grey card, Melinex and cotton tape)
  • Display of WW2 pilot’s lifejacket (tissue for support and silica gel packs)
  • Cleaning and simple repairs to books in a dust tray (made of blotting paper)
  • Dates: ongoing since Summer 2013

What was the impact of having this equipment / material available to you?

Conservation grade card and book tape used to make a book enclosure

Image credit: Reginald Byron

The condition of artefacts in the Uniform and Document stores have improved by using these materials for their care and packing

What went well and what didn't go well?

Most of this work is not seen by visitors to the museum but the displays have been improved by using some of these materials (e.g. WW2 pilot’s lifejacket).

Top Tips

Comment:  It has been useful having small quantities of these materials; as a small all-volunteer museum in which conservation activities of this kind are necessarily limited, often the minimum commercial quantities of museum-grade materials are much more than we need, costing too much and creating spoilage and/or storage problems


What are your plans for the future?

To continue improving the packing and storage of our artefacts using conservation-friendly materials