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OF/BY/FOR ALL Release Community Issue Exhibition Toolkit

Written by Lauren Benetua, Nina Simon, and Stacey Marie Garcia, this toolkit is a product of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History’s first community-driven exhibition in 2017 called Lost Childhoods: Voices of Santa Cruz County Foster Youth and the Foster Youth Museum. They are proud to present this toolkit to all who are interested in launching a project that ignites community action around a specific local issue.

"Writing this toolkit allowed me to process and articulate the skills I’ve learned over the last several years as an arts professional and cultural worker. It summarizes many lessons I learned spanning my time as a MAH intern in 2013 up to the year I became the MAH's Dialogue Catalyst in 2017. As I reflect on my past experiences and community work, I realize it was resources like these that I was missing. It filled a void that my peers and I sought to collect and produce for cultural workers and community organizers alike. I wish I had this toolkit earlier in my career, when I was helping US-based artists work on global social issues. A toolkit like this would have helped me coach and mentor allies and individuals in the various communities I am a part of, both inside and outside of the workplace -- as it does now."

To access this fantastic new toolkit, and for more information visit their website.

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