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Ridge - Buildings Health & Safety Compliance Review Presentation

Facilities Management Peer Development Group

This group was established for people working in museums who have specific responsibility for the maintenance and management of buildings and associated facilities. This could range from statutory responsibilities e.g. fire risk assessments and procedures, to best practice activities e.g. a rolling painting and decorating programme.  It is aimed at anyone whose wider role includes buildings maintenance as well as anyone whose principal function is that of buildings maintenance. 

The group focused on:

Gaining a clear understanding of what are statutory responsibilities and what are best practice options. 
Understanding how to keep abreast of current legislation and how to interpret it for small and medium size museums.
How to conduct a buildings maintenance audit in a way that is appropriate for the size of the museum.
Risk management and prioritising actions.
Integrating priorities into financial forecasting.

Maintaining a buildings maintenance programme (that includes the above) and sharing that knowledge with other museums.

Buildings Health & Safety Compliance Review Presentation

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