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The Winchester City Council Cultural Innovation grant scheme is open for applications

This scheme has now opened and will accept applications up to 31 December 2017.  Please make sure you read the scheme criteria.  Preference will be given to new applicants and to new initiatives for existing projects.

The objectives of the current Winchester City Council Cultural Strategy include establishing Winchester as a vibrant centre for contemporary culture and creative enterprise alongside its reputation as a world-class heritage destination. Please refer, in particular to the Win: Win action plan on pages 14 to 17 of the strategy which can be found at

What is the grant scheme?

The cultural innovation grant scheme is a grant payment for festivals, cultural events or arts activities. The event or activity must be taking place in the Winchester District and benefit residents living in the Winchester District.

Grant funding rounds will be opened depending on funds available and are not guaranteed for future years.

Funding is given in two instalments to your organisation’s business account. The grant can be for a maximum of £2,000.

Priority will be given to organisations who are not already in receipt of core funding or funding through one of the community grant schemes (, and those who have not previously received cultural grant funding from Winchester City Council.

Only one grant per organisation will be paid and it will be paid for one year only.

Applicants must demonstrate to the grants panel how they are seeking to diversify income sources in order to reduce reliance on Winchester City Council in future years, and how grant funding will add value to the activities.

Cultural organisations must be based and be active within the Winchester City Council area, and show evidence of need of grant funding but not be solely reliant on such funding.

Full details and application form

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