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Applications open for Future Proof Museums 3

Future Proof Museums is an intensive development programme proven to facilitate transformational change and significantly improve the resilience of museums across England.

The programme explores

  • Why the museum is vital – defining purpose or cause, how the museum is relevant in today’s diverse society, what difference does the museum make in an ever-changing world?
  • What direction will drive a successful future – adapting, innovating and transforming to ensure a desirable, feasible and financially viable business model
  • How to create the right culture – developing an agile organisational culture and leadership to continue to adapt and influence external change in the future

The pilot programme proved successful in sparking passion for change and giving confidence to CEOs in their ability to lead change. Run by the Arts Marketing Association (AMA), the AMA is now working with a second cohort of 20 museums over a ten-month intensive programme, with the aim of helping these organisations to be more resilient, able to change, adapt, influence and remain relevant to an ever-changing external environment.

Visit the AMA website to download the information pack and application form

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