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Museum Dance Off 4: A New Hope. Submissions deadline 11:59 EDT pm on 31 March 2017

What is Museum Dance Off 4: A New Hope?

It’s the fourth annual international dance off competition featuring the the upstanding professionals from museums, galleries, libraries and archives around the world showing off their best dance moves.

How Does Museum Dance Off 4 work?

You pick a song, and convince your interns, colleagues, volunteers, docents, friends, family and maybe even your visitors to dance to it. Somebody videotapes it, uploads it, submits the link and then we all vote online for our favorites. This year, museums will compete by Region, and the Regional winners will go to an international finale, The Thunderdome,  to determine the overall Champion.  

Why should my museum enter Museum Dance Off?

Because it’s fun. Museums are fun. Dancing is fun. Dancing in a museum: instant super mega-fun.

It’s also a chance to show your guests a different side of their favorite museum, and rally your community to vote for you. From an internal perspective, it’s a chance for staff to take a break from the routine and do something fun, creative and different. From a PR perspective, it’s a chance to engage audiences all over the world. In the last three years, several museums received local, national, and international media coverage online, via television and radio, and in print.

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