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Please complete this short survey: Museums and creative industries - mapping cooperation

What kind of collaborations exist between museums and creative industries throughout Europe? The 10 minute survey by NEMO's Working Group Museums and Creative Industry is open until 19 February 2017.

NEMO’s Working Group Museums and Creative Industries has examined in the past year how the cooperation between museums and the creative industries creates value. Surveys were conducted in Latvia, Poland, Romania and Iceland. The results supported the important and diverse role museums can take with creative industries.
As a next step, we want to bring this survey to a European level. In order to gain a better view of the variety of collaborations and initiatives between museums and creative industries, the European Survey on Museums and Creative Industries will help us to better understand the relationships and interactions between arts, society, technology and economy.
Our goal is to take the next step by mapping the trends and benefits of cooperation among museums and creative industries in order advocate for the support of capacity building, impact research and funding for great pilot projects and creative initiatives in this sector.
In order to do so, NEMO invites its members to forward this survey to their individual museums in their country. We hope to get response from museums of all sizes and categories, because being creative with partners is not limited to the big players only!
Museum cooperation with creative industries spans from inviting your local artist to a museum project to the re-created Van Gogh bedroom as an accommodation hosted on Airbnb during a Van Gogh exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute.
The deadline for submitting the questionnaire is 19 February 2017.

Complete the short online survey

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