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Knowledge Exchange Programme 2017 Call for Partners

The Knowledge Exchange programme is part of the wide-ranging National Programmes at the British Museum, which partners with c.250 UK organisations a year through single-object Spotlight tours, touring exhibitions, partnership galleries, short- and long-term loans, training and skills development initiatives.

Knowledge Exchange offers the opportunity of a fully funded and co-ordinated five-day professional exchange between paid staff, in any role, at selected partner museums and the British Museum.

The exchanges are organised by the UK Partnerships Co-ordinator at the British Museum and are made possible by the generous support of the Vivmar Foundation. The British Museum will book and pay for all travel, accommodation and subsistence costs associated with the exchanges.
One person from each of the five partner museums will be selected for an exchange with the British Museum. Each partner museum will select one person from the British Museum to host, creating ten exchanges in total.
Every exchange is unique and is created based on the selected participants’ application form. Please note: the opportunity is not available to volunteers.
For an example of a previous exchange please see this case study: 

The aims of the Knowledge Exchange placements are:

  • To develop individual and organisational knowledge and/or skills
  • To help build relationships between organisations
  • To provide insight into and gain exposure to specific areas of museum work
  • To shape sustainable methods for sharing knowledge and skills across the sector

If you are confirmed as a partner, the Knowledge Exchange process is as follows:

Early April:

All five partners will work with the British Museum to advertise the opportunity to staff to apply to participate in Knowledge Exchange. The opportunity should be open to all staff in any role or level of seniority. All applications should demonstrate a willingness and ability to share knowledge and skills between our organisations, and in turn gain new ideas and experience.


From the staff applications submitted, the British Museum will select one staff-member to host from each partner museum, and each partner museum will select one British Museum staff-member to host. (Please note: the exchanges do not have to be ‘like for like’; each institution makes their selection independently.)

June onwards:

Once successful applicants are informed, the UK Partnerships Co-ordinator and the partner museum secure a ‘lead contact’ in their respective organisations and work together to agree dates for the incoming and outgoing exchanges. Exchanges must take place between June and December 2017.
A five-day timetable is developed for each successful applicant based on the opportunities and requests expressed in their applications. The UK Partnerships Co-ordinator will lead on bringing together the five timetables for partner museum staff hosted by the British Museum. Each partner museum will be responsible for creating a unique and varied timetable for the British Museum staff-member they have selected to host.
Participants are expected to document their exchange, with a learning log, photos and a reflective piece of writing after their exchange. Participants and partner museums also submit evaluation and feedback on the exchange.
Partner museums are required to:

  • Work to the agreed programme schedule.
  • Advertise the opportunity to apply to the Knowledge Exchange programme to all their staff in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Submit applications to the British Museum within the agreed deadline. 
  • Support one of their members of staff to participate in the five-day exchange at the British Museum.
  • Select a member of staff from the British Museum to host and provide the necessary information for the exchange.
  • Create an effective and varied five-day timetable for the British Museum member of staff they will host.

Please send your expressions of interest to Georgia Mallin, UK Partnerships Coordinator, by Monday 6 March 2017
In your expression of interest please provide a short paragraph for each of the following questions:

  • Why would you like your organisation to be part of the 2017 programme?
  • How could staff at your organisation benefit from the skills/ knowledge exchange?
  • How could staff at the British Museum benefit from a skills/ knowledge exchange with your organisation, and what could they experience?

To discuss the opportunity further and to submit your expression of interest for Knowledge Exchange 2017, please contact:
Georgia Mallin, UK Partnerships Coordinator
020 7323 8266

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