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The Happy Museum Project - Invitation to take part in National Wellbeing Research Programme

In 2013 the Happy Museum Project proved that museums make people happy, with evidence analysed by ‘happiness economist’ Daniel Fujiwara of the London School of Economics. It was shown that people value that happiness highly, at around £3,200 a year.

In a follow up to that discovery, The Happy Museum Project would like to invite you to find out what that means for your museum - by being part of an exciting research programme to uncover what it is in museums that creates wellbeing, and whether participation or visiting are most valuable.

If you participate, they will be able to tell you if your museum creates wellbeing, and how significant that wellbeing is.  The  wellbeing will also be quantified, so you can show funders or commissioners the value of what you do.

To learn more about the survey visit the website.

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