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ACE to undertake light-touch review of Museum Accreditation scheme

Review of the Accreditation Scheme

Arts Council England has recently announced that it will be undertaking a light touch review of certain aspects of the Museum Accreditation scheme in 2017. This means there will be a revision of the Accreditation submission schedule in England for 2017 in order to undertake the review.

Over this period ACE will prioritise:

•             new applications

•             responses to museums experiencing significant change

•             provisional Accreditation reviews

•             those who have already applied and those which have already been invited to apply.

Museums in England due to reapply for Accreditation in 2017 will now remain part of the scheme for an additional 12 months. Museums due to receive their invitations during this period will shortly be contacted by Arts Council England. Please note the review will not affect any applications to Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation.

The review comes just before the scheme's 30th anniversary in 2018 and helps museums secure long-term public access to sustainable collections by promoting shared standards in how they are run, how they manage their collections and the experiences of users.

What does this mean for museums who are already participating in the scheme?

For museums which are already Accredited, we will invite them to resubmit in 2018, rather than 2017, so that we can focus on the light-touch review of Accreditation. In the meantime these museums will remain Accredited. We will contact these museums early in the New Year with the relevant details.  

We will also prioritise responses to museums which are experiencing Significant Change such as governance changes, significant cuts and restructures, sales from public collections etc as well as museums which are due a review of their Provisional Accreditation status. 

What does it mean for museums that have already been invited to resubmit in 2017?

For museums that have already been invited to submit in 2017, we will welcome their submissions and make sure they are assessed as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about how this affects your museum please contact  Information about the light-touch review is available here: news story

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