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HLF launches new funding schemes

This summer, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has announced the launch of two new funding schemes:

Great Places Scheme

The Great Place Scheme – one of the flagship measures from the Government’s recently published Culture White Paper – will pilot new approaches that enable cultural, community and civic organisations to work more closely together. 

The aim is twofold: to ensure that the considerable investment in culture made by organisations like HLF and ACE has the maximum positive impact on jobs, economic performance, educational attainment, community cohesion and health and wellbeing; and to persuade civic organisations and local businesses to invest in and put culture at the heart of their thinking.

Grants of between £500,000 and £1.5m will fund a range of activities in 12 pilot areas, such as:

  • new ways to include arts, culture and heritage in the provision of local education or health services
  • research into the contribution made by arts, culture and heritage to local economies
  • funding for people working in arts, culture and heritage to build networks and increase their skills
  • exploring and piloting new ways of financing cultural organisations
  • encouraging the use of existing powers that allow communities to support their local culture, such as the Community Right to Bid or listing local landmarks as Assets of Community Value
  • development of local strategies that turn conversations and creation of networks into action to maximise the community benefit that local arts, culture and heritage can deliver

The Great Place Scheme, using funds raised by the National Lottery, will initially be piloted in 12 locations across England and is likely to include everything from city-wide schemes to groups of rural or coastal local authority areas. Funding comes from HLF and ACE, each of which will contribute £7.5m for projects lasting up to three years. There will also be complementary support from other organisations where relevant, such as Historic England through its Heritage Action Zone initiative.

Find out more about HLF Great Places Scheme

Resilient Heritage

Resilient Heritage grants between £3,000 and £250,000 will fund a range of tailored activity specifically designed to help organisations improve the way they manage heritage for the long term. 

This could enable them to:

  • Acquire new skills or knowledge to help build fundraising capacity or open up new income streams
  • Explore new business operating models or introduce new approaches to governance and leadership
  • Identify opportunities to reduce negative environmental impacts and make efficiency savings
  • Create partnerships between heritage organisations to provide training and capacity building
  • Prepare to take on new responsibility for heritage, such as through community asset transfer

Resilient Heritage builds on HLF’s Catalyst, Transition and Start Up Grant programmes. Launched in 2012, in partnership with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Arts Council England, Catalyst responded to the growing needs of the heritage sector to build financial independence and resilience in a changing economic landscape of reduced public funding. 

Find out more about the Resilient Heritage Scheme

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