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Arts Council England announce new funding approach

Arts council England have announced a reform of the funding for the arts and culture sector from 2018. The new approach is shaped through findings from a stakeholder survey which asked how they should invest public money after 2018.   

The changes include how Museum Development will receive funding, it will now be funded through their national portfolios long with libraries, with funding to be extended from 3 to 4 years.

They have also launched 3 new funds which will focus on improving resilience and sustainability across the sector and access to art and culture for older people. Also opening are new rounds of the Capital: Large Grants and Cultural Destinations funding.

New Funds

Celebrating Age: Supporting organisations to become open, positive and welcoming places for older people. As well as taking arts and culture into places where older people will find it easier to engage.  

Business Support: Increasing knowledge and understanding of business support within the cultural creative sector. 

Building Resilience: Supporting up to four external organisations or consultancies who will work on different approaches to improve resilience and long term sustainability across the sector.  

Returning Funds

Capital: Large Grants: Investing in the right buildings and equipment for organisations to deliver their work and become more sustainable and innovative businesses. 

Cultural Destinations: Funding partnerships between arts and cultural organisations and the tourism sector to drive growth in the visitor economy. 

To view the report and the ACE response, visit the ACE website here.

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