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Grants for School Trips

Applications can now be made for grants for educational trips due to take place in the school year 2016-17, beginning September 2016. They must be received by 31 May 2016.

Trips must be for students in primary or secondary schools or sixth form colleges in the state sector.  Their main purpose must be to stimulate appreciation of visual art and to encourage students to enjoy looking at works of art, especially painting. But that need not be their only purpose, nor need students be studying art or design. The Trust is keen to support trips and projects not confined to students taking art exams and not narrowly focussed on the requirements of a particular exam.

The normal maximum grant will be £3,000. The Trust is willing to make larger grants for trips with students from more than one school. They take into account value for money and how far a grant is needed and likely to make a significant difference. They also look for evidence that trips will be enthusiastically and efficiently organised and students prepared for what they will be seeing and doing.

For futher information on how to apply visit The Eridge Trust website here.

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