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Art Fund offers more than acquisition grants

For over 100 years, the Art Fund has been helping museums and galleries purchase art for their collections. Now, it is also investing in curatorial support beyond acquisition grants. Here is a list of what the Art Fund can help you with: 

  • Strategic Collecting support - 100% funding for focused collecting to extend or deepening holdings of fine and applied arts in imaginative ways
  • Jonathan Ruffer Curatorial Grants - supporting curators to undertake research and development relating to collecting, including their temporary cover to enable the development to happen 
  • Fully- funded training and networking days for museum and gallery curators, details of which will be promited through the Museum Bulletin
  • Soon to be launched: Treasure Toolkit to help museum looking to fundraise for acquisitions covered by the Treasures Act 1996
  • Art Happens - free crowd funding service to help museums raise between £10,000 - £25,000 for creative projects. Winner of the National Fundraising Award 2015
  • For partner museums only: Free online ticketing platform, Art Tickets

In addition, the Art Fund will continue to support the prestigious Art Fund Prize for Museum Of the Year. And staff from museums taking part in the National Art Pass receive 40% discount when signing up to become an individual member. Find out more about the National Art Pass here.

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