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The Extend Leadership Programme 2016-17

Deadline for applications: 10am on Monday 14 March 2016

Developed and run by engage, the National Association for Gallery Education.

The Extend Leadership Programme is open to applicants working in learning and education roles in the arts, museums and libraries who meet the eligibility criteria. Now in its sixth year, Extend was developed in response to the under-representation of learning and education staff in leadership within the arts and cultural sectors.

The Programme enables mid-career professionals to acquire and apply leadership skills, working with a cohort of peers from across England, Wales and Scotland. Through a combination of intensive residentials, opportunities to explore aspects of leadership through group projects, mentoring and personal development planning - participants gain opportunities to interrogate their current practice, to meet with inspiring leaders in the sector, to develop their own projects, and to plan for the future. 

Extend is the only leadership programme designed to meet the specific needs of education and learning professionals who aspire to leadership positions in the arts and cultural sectors.

'I feel that I have gained a clearer understanding of leadership and my role, heard from practical and inspiring speakers and met a fantastic new support group.'

Extend Alumnus

The 2016-17 Extend Programme will support up to 19 colleagues working in learning and education roles in the arts and cultural sectors. It is envisaged that places will be allocated as follows:

- 14 places will be allocated to candidates working in England; at least 5 of these will be allocated to colleagues working in the museums sector

- 1 place will be allocated to a candidate working in Wales

- 4 places will be allocated to candidates working in the creative arts in Scotland Applicants working and resident in England or Wales may work in the arts, museums or libraries.

'An incredibly well thought out programme, excellently co-ordinated and delivered.'

If you would like further information about Extend before submitting an application please feel free to contact the Extend Coordinator, Dawn Cameron on 07753 748 038 / 01132 166 331 or by email at

Visit the engage website for further information about Extend.

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