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The Funding Challenge: Share and discuss your ideas on how to develop new or alternative sources of funding for the arts and culture

Arts, Cultural and Heritage organisations should be looking at new opportunities to diversify their income streams and raise additional funding from new sources.

New or alternative sources of funding on their own cannot be a like for like replacement for public investment, National Lottery grants or traditional philanthropy, however, they could help build the overall financial resilience of the sector.

This challenge is your space to discuss how cultural organisations can develop new or alternative sources of funding to complement existing sources.

Get involved:

  • Many organisations have found creative solutions to funding. What lessons can we take from them? What else can funders be doing? Are there other models for funding that haven’t been explored or used enough?
  • What are the new and different forms of investment we need to bring into the arts and cultural sectors?
  • When It comes to innovative financing, where should arts and culture organisations be focusing their efforts? What has worked for other sectors?
  • How best can public and private sector partners work with arts and culture organisations to maximise investment?
  • What changes are needed in the wider funding culture to support the development of new funding models? 

Share and discuss your ideas here

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