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Call for Papers: Selection, De-selection and Rationalisation

It now seems to be generally accepted that we can no longer retain everything produced or recorded during an archaeological project, while space could be created in museum stores, through retrospective selection to current criteria – but what are those criteria? What should a selection strategy look like and has anybody actually applied one?

The aim of this meeting is to answer those questions with a set of overviews and case studies that provide context, introductory guidance and practical examples, with the ultimate goal being the creation of national guidelines.

Participants should include those who monitor selection, those who apply it and those who curate the resulting collections. This issue is of interest to all archaeologists, in the present and the future, and we must ensure that the strategies we adopt are consistent, comprehensive and sound.

Potential themes of interest include;

  • Case studies where selection strategies have been applied in the field.
  • Case studies where selection strategies have been applied during post excavation.

(In both cases strategies which have involved discussions with the receiving museum would

be considered from both the unit and museum perspective.)

  • Examples where retrospective rationalisation has been undertaken.
  • Discussions on future potential and sustainable development of archaeological archives.

Please send a 300 word abstract or a clear outline of your paper to Sam

Paul no later than 30th November 2015

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