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NEMO publishes European-wide study on copyright and museums

NEMO conducted a survey asking museums to help them gain an overview of ‘real life’ museum practice and IPR-related problems. Through the feedback from museums all over Europe, NEMO was able to produce well-supported recommendations for how copyright in Europe should be shaped to help museums, ensuring the best public access possible to their collections

According to NEMO:

“Governments around Europe are re-thinking their approach to copyright, both on European and on national level. The European Commission is preparing the Digital Single Market Strategy, including a review of copyright legislative framework and will report in late 2015/early 2016. Since Copyright impacts on many aspects of museum work, museums need to make sure to be part of the discussions!”

Some key findings from the study by NEMO include:

  • A need to raise awareness of the influences that copyright legislation has on the tasks and activities of museums
  • Copyright licenses available to cultural heritage organisations are not adjusted to modern requirements and technical standards; in addition tariffs are frequently found to be unreasonable
  • Serious challenges caused by copyright legislation for museums who wish to publish details of 20th and 21st century works online.
  • Adjust legal requirements to meet the requirements of the digital age and the reasonable capacity of museums

You can download the Nemo report here:


Further information about the European Commission’s Digital Single Market can be found here:

Digital Single Market – Bringing down barriers to unlock online opportunities

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