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Visitor Finder merges with free Audience Finder database

In July 2015, the South East Museum Development Programme ran a seminar 'Getting to Grips with Audience Data'. As part of this, we highlighted the resources available under the 'Visitor Finder' programme - an online data collection service tailored to museum organisation.

According to the Audience Agency, the in-take for the 'Visitor Finder' project is now closed and the data collection for programme participants ends in March 2016, at which point The Audience Agency will have around 50,000 audience surveys relating to museum visits.

Visitor Finder participants and any other museums that missed out on this project are encouraged to collect visitor data within the wider Audience Finder programme going forward.  Under the Audience Finder programme museums will have access the same data collection framework and infrastructure available through Visitor Finder.

Audience Finder is now free and openly available to all, with online dashboard resources and tools to help you analyse and understand audiences.

Visit the Audience Finder webpage to register or find out more

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