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British Gas Energy Efficiency Fund

The British Gas Energy Efficiency Fund offers up to £5,000 (plus VAT) of energy efficiency measures at small businesses / organisations, including new boilers, LED lighting and insulation. Non-public sector run museums across the South East region should be eligible to apply, see:
The scheme involves a short initial visit to assess building fabric (e.g. insulation) and equipment and lighting used on site, after which a proposal of which energy saving upgrades could be installed is prepared. On the museum’s acceptance installation arranged (no money actually changes hands between British Gas and the beneficiary).
The Sussex-based CIC, Sustainable Business Partnership, have been carrying out some of the initial site visits. The South East Museum Development Programme has worked with the Sustainable Business Partnership many times in the past, and as such, they can make sure that any museum specific requirements (e.g. type of lighting effect) are recorded during the visit.
Museums who are interested can either replay on-line or return a completed form (see below) to, as well as collate 12 months energy bills. (Applying using the form will us to track the museums that are interested).

It is a nationwide scheme and first come first served so it good to get as many museums benefiting as possible


British Gas Energy Efficiency Fund Application Form

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