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Hampshire Solent museums: apply for funding to take part in Visitor Finder or Visitor Verdict

As announced at 'Getting to Grips with Audience Data' we are offering small grants to help your museum improve use of audience data.

Five museums will each benefit from a grant of up to £100 to fund fees for taking part in standardised data collection via either of two Arts Council England-supported initiatives:

  • AIM Visitor Verdict
    Visitor Verdict is a visitor survey service developed using best practice from the well-known visitor attractions research programme, ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking Survey. Visitor Verdict is currently free for AIM (Association of Independent Museums) members, so the grant can be used to fund AIM membership which also offers a range of other benefits including publications, networking and access to grant schemes.
  • Visitor Finder 
    Visitor Finder from Audience Agency is designed to help museums to understand and use visitor data more effectively. By working as a cluster with peer museums in your local area, Visitor Finder will help you to understand more about your visitors in the context of other museums. It provides insights into the demographics and profile, proximity, behaviour, attitudes and motivations of your visitors. The annual cost is £275 and the grant can be put towards this.

Applications by simple online form. It's first come, first served!

By taking part in either of these valuable programmes, your museum can:

  • Gain valuable insight into your museum's visitors and non visitors, so that you can promote your activities more effectively and improve your offer
  • Improve your audience data collection and analysis methods
  • Gain confidence and skills in using technology to support understanding of users and non-users
  • Evidence your understanding of users and non-users for Accreditation

To be eligible, your museum must not currently be signed up to the initiative you are seeking funding for.

Applications are on a first-come first served basis. To apply, complete the simple online form:

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