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Culture 24's 'Let’s Get Real – Young Audiences'

Culture 24's 'Let’s Get Real – Young Audiences' is brand new collaborative action research project to explore how arts and heritage organisations can get better at reaching and engaging young audiences with their digital content.

Culture24 want to work with 20 arts and heritage organisations over 7 months starting in October 2015, to help them better reach and engage children and young people through developing effective digital content publishing strategies based on fit for purpose tactics and skills.

Whilst utilising the existing knowledge, methodologies, tactics and tools developed via Culture24′s Let’s Get Real programme, this is a brand new project that has been developed in response to the need to better engage young people across the cultural sector with digital content.

Culture24 will work with a group of no more than 20 cultural professionals from a range of diverse arts and heritage organisations, over a period of seven months starting in October 2015. They will adopt the Let’s Get Real learning methodology to build strategic and practical knowledge, namely:

- Learning from others via expert input,
- Learning by doing through individual experimentation
- Learning together via collaborative workshops

This will take place via 3 face-to-face workshops, expert presentations, remote mentoring, homework tasks and free attendance to the Connecting Collections Conference 2016.

The project will work with experts with significant experience of the issues relating to engaging young audiences, from both within the cultural sector and outside of it. The project will also look to tap into the expertise of the young audiences themselves to better understand how to respond to their needs.

The project will support the development, running and analysis of individual content publishing experiments from every participant to practically test the ideas and tactics mapped out throughout the project

Participants will work collaboratively alongside colleagues and peers who share similar struggles to improve their organisations’ impact and break down the internal barriers that affect the way they work and publish content online for young audiences.

There is a cost of £1,600 plus VAT for each participating museum (but could this be covered a Development Grant application?  Speak to your local MDO for details.).

Read more about Lets Get Real - Young Audiences on the Culture24 website

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