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New Kent Heritage Resource Centre to open at Smarden

A new resource Centre for regional heritage groups is being established at Smarden as a result of a partnership agreement signed last week by Smarden Local History Society and Kent Archaeological Society. 

Under the partnership, the two organisations will work together to provide practical help and guidance to local history societies, museums, schools and private individuals on archive management, preservation and digitisation at a new Kent Heritage Resource Centre opening later this year at The Charter Hall in Smarden.

The new facility will feature a state-of-the-art archival camera capable of producing high-output, high-definition images of, for example, documents, bound volumes, artefacts, photographs, slides, and maps up to A2 size, linked to specially developed indexing and cataloguing software.
The Centre is being formed in answer to a problem faced by many heritage organisations, that of uncatalogued, and often unseen, archival collections with no back-up, which makes them vulnerable to accidental loss and inaccessible to people who might otherwise wish to study them. 

The Centre will offer expert advice on archival techniques and will provide options for users to carry out digitisation projects, with Resource Centre assistance where necessary. The Centre will also offer a data storage service for organisations seeking to back-up archives off-site.  All Centre facilities will be available at nominal cost to users at The Smarden Charter Hall two days a week and at other times by prior arrangement. 

The Centre operates as a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, established with the help of grant funding by Kent Archaeological Society,  Smarden Local History Society, Kent County Council, Ashford Borough Council and with the support of The Trustees of Smarden Charter Hall.

For more information please email Smarden Local History Society at:

Visit Smarden Heritage Centre's website here

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