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The Kent-based 'Wheels of Time' family passport is looking for more museum participants

'The Wheels of Time' family passport is the perfect family fun activity for children to do over the summer holidays.  Children and their families will be invited to pick up their passport from one of Kent's participating museums or heritage sites.  They will also receive an activity sheet that they complete as they visit 3 of the sites.  Once 3 stamps have been received on their passport, they have earned a goody bag.

It is a simple concept designed to encourage children and their families to visit a number of museums and heritage sites over the summer holidays.  Participating sites do not need to change their offer - the idea of the passport is that is it a marketing tool to bring people to you, how you engage them once they are on site can fit in with your usual offer.

So far, there are 9 sites participating:

  • Chiddingstone Castle
  • Brook Agricultural
  • Tenterden Museum
  • Ashford Borough Museum
  • Willesborough Windmill
  • Maidstone Museums
  • New Tavern Fort, Gravesham
  • Milton Chantry, Gravesham
  • Powell-Cotton Museum

But the project team, led by Ashford Borough Museum, are looking for more museums and heritage sites in Kent to sign up.  

What you receive as a participating site:

  • a stack of credit card sized passports
  • a stack of activity sheets
  • A3 and A4 posters to use in your venue and in surrounding places
  • pdf copies of the above for you to print in-house
  • jpg copy of the 'Wheels of Time' logo
  • a stamp to use when children visit your site
  • a box full of goody bags and a bag full of badges (to award to children when they come to you on their 3rd visit)
  • training for your team if required
  • a tracking form so we can identify where families have travelled from
  • a copy of a press release for you to use locally
  • invitation to the launch event on 17th July, where the press will be present

The project team have already purchased an advert and a short editorial in both the east and west Kent editions of the Primary Times due to be released later this month - just in time to catch children before the summer holidays.  

There is also a Facebook page:, which is currently in development, but will be where all museums and heritage sites can promote their offer and encourage a dialogue with visiting families themselves.

A competition will be held over the summer for children to come up with a name for the character in the logo.  The winner will be announced in September and will receive extra goodies!

As this is a pilot project, the project team will be evaluating the success of the project in September.

If you are interested in being part of this initiative, then please get in touch with Mike Boulding on:

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