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Future Proof Museums

Future Proof Museums is a national project being developed by the AMA (Arts Marketing Association) funded by Arts Council England’s Museums Resilience grant. The programme is designed to significantly improve the resilience of museums across England.

The AMA will work with 20 museums over a six month intensive change programme to enable them to generate:

• A compelling vision or manifesto shared across their museum outlining how they make a difference to the world

• A process for energising stakeholders towards this agreed purpose or cause, providing confidence and excitement across the museum about their agreed future direction

• A single page drawing of their business model and how it captures and delivers value in line with their purpose

• An understanding of how to innovate around this model, develop it, and make it more robust for the future

• A clear toolkit for reviewing how changes across any area might affect the business model to help them navigate and benefit from change

•  Insight into the leadership culture within their organisation and a process for reviewing this to ensure that adaptive leadership skills are in place throughout the museum, while still driving towards their vision or cause

Resulting in more resilient organisations able to change, adapt, influence and remain relevant to an ever-changing external environment.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a diverse group of participants to take part in Future Proof Museums; small, mid or large scale museums, from a broad range of regions in England, and a variety of type of museum – from natural history to art, from science to social history, from local authority to university-run.

The entire programme will cost each organisation only £350 +VAT. All food and accommodation at the Stage Two residential is included, you will just need to pay for your return travel to Cambridge.

Each museum taking part will be offered a free 12 month membership of the AMA for one member of their team to enable them to access additional resources and follow-up support.

Evaluation. This is a pilot programme, funded through Arts Council England’s Museums Resilience grant. We will ask each participating museum to take part in our evaluation programme; to complete a questionnaire at the end of the residential and another at the end of the programme. Some museums will also be invited to take part in telephone interviews to explore the impact of the programme further so that we can feed back to our funders and plan for future developments to the benefit of many other museums and museum leaders.

To apply or for more information please contact Verity Sanderson, Programme Producer via email or phone 01223 578078

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