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Culture24 crowdfunder - VanGoYourself

Culture24 has launched a new crowdfunding campaign for VanGoYourself (, which allows people to recreate paintings with their friends which they then share on social media. The aim is to spread the word about VanGoYourself and the value of not just something that is fun and creative but that is also championing open licenced cultural content.

The crowdfunder runs for 40 days from June 10th and Culture24 wants to raise 20,000 Euros to make it happen. Got to to find out what it's all about.

Culture24 are using GOTEO, a social network which supports cultural projects with open sharing, which is what VanGoYourself is doing by opening up some of the best collections in Europe. 

Since 2014 more than 900 people have VanGo'd totally unique recreations of paintings on our site, working with 29 museums and galleries from 13 countries. 

Support the @VanGoYourself creative crowdfunder here

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