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The British Museum across the UK

Successful national programmes emerge from strong working relationships. In collaboration with our UK partners we run training programmes, share expertise, lend objects and build professional networks. We encourage museums and galleries to get involved, broadening what they can do by working in partnership. Together we can enrich local programmes and attract new visitors.

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Summary of the national programme:

  • 3 million people saw British Museum objects in museums outside London
  • Over 2,700 objects were loaned to 187 venues in the UK in 2013/14, including 1200 long-term loans
  • The British Museum Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) has resulted in over 1 million archaeological objects and coins found by the public being recorded
  • Star object spotlight loans in recent years have included the Warren Cup, Mold Gold Cape, the Head of Hadrian and Mildenhall Great Dish
  • The BM has 7 long-term Partnership Galleries in museums across the UK in Glasgow, Carlisle, Newcastle, York, Manchester, Birmingham and Truro
  • The BM’s new online teaching resource, Teaching History with 100 Objects, supported by the Department for Education, uses objects to inspire and educate children about history. It features objects from 40 partner museums across the UK
  • Through a range of programmes the BM shared its expertise with over 200 museums in 2013/14

The British Museum is keen to work with museums and galleries across the UK. In true collaboration we look to our partnership to help shape the programme and we invite colleagues to get in touch to let us know how the BM can work with you:

Maria Bojanowska, Head of National Programmes,

Katy Swift, UK Partnership Coordinator,

Natalie Tacq, Project Coordinator: Museum in Britain

Una Helle, Project Assistant: Museum in Britain

Michael McBratney, Learning Museum Programme Coordinator


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