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LAINet news from Eileen Clegg: planning the future programme

Dear All LAInetters

This is also being sent out as our first email communication so I apologise for its length. I also apologise that it has been a long time coming, I have been gradually collating everybody’s emails and don’t want to miss anybody out. I would like to let you know about the feedback from the last training session (Maker Movement in museums) and where to find further info on it. I would also like to let you know about suggested future ideas for LAInet sessions and of course a request for any help you can give to make the next sessions happen.

Feedback – Maker Movement in Museums

The feedback was a little thin on the ground, lesson learnt don’t let anyone leave the building without handing out feedback forms (basic I know)

The last session was the first one we organised where we charged £10 in order to pay for one of the trainers to come and deliver. It would be good to continue with this principal as it gives us the freedom to book a range of different speakers. The feedback we did get back indicated that £10 was value for money.

Most of the feedback suggested that people had heard of the training via word of mouth. So we need to improve communication, hence the email list.

The training sessions were graded good and excellent (the other options were OK, Poor and V.Poor) so I’m please with this.

Improvements to be made are in the areas of pre-arrival info and refreshments.

Further information – Maker Movement in Museums

Paul and Helen jointly wrote a short article on their sessions along with links to further information. This has been published on the South East Museums newsletter website, the link is below.

Upcoming events – Hampshire Secondary History Conference July 1st

I have been able to book a small space to display leaflets from our museums at this conference. I will be situated in the coffee break area so will be able to collar teachers as they queue for sustenance. I put this up on the Linked in site and so far I have leaflets from Bursledon Brick works, Dino Island on the IOW and Porchester Castle and I have some information from Brading Roman Villa. If you want me to display your leaflet please can you send me a few, address at the bottom of this email. Its best to send me leaflets so I can encourage teachers to take them away.

Suggested ideas for further LAInet sessions – Call for help

After the last training session some of us stayed on to discuss ideas about what our next sessions could be on. The list is quite long and needs to be streamlined depending on what you all want and suggest. This is the bit where your input would be absolutely vital or it won’t happen. Please can you:

Make any suggestions about the list of ideas or add ideas you would like to see covered?
Do you have experience of any of the suggestions and could deliver training or suggest people who could?
Can you offer a venue for us all to meet at?
Can you help to organise a session or host one?


New Curriculum 1 year on – Discussion forum of what you are finding plus cake eating

Reflective practice and peer review – bring a session you want help with and get your peers to review it. Bursledon Brick works have a science session they would like help with and they have offered to host this one.

Outreach, how to do it – how you can organise and market outreach sessions. Do you charge? Is it worthwhile? What laws surround the marketing of your outreach?

Social Responsibility and Values – various people have experience of using social responsibility and values of their museums to develop projects. For example, working with Artswork Strong Voices programme. Chris Elmer is doing work on this as well.

Generating revenue – Marketing, ideas and so on. It might be good to get in an outside trainer for this one.

Partnerships and the use of other organisations – For example, the records office and archaeological units.

Engaging an audience – public speaking. The use of Makaton to communicate with an audience.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all. Your input and support is vital to keeping LAInet going it can’t happen without you.

Kindest Regards


Dr Eileen Clegg

Education Officer

Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson


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