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Apply to the RAISE Challenge Fund

Unlocking potential in organisations to build a thriving, vibrant and growing voluntary sector

The RAISE team is excited to be evolving the way it provides support to voluntary and community sector organisations across the South East. We are making a step change in our own approach to delivering support to help you to make a difference to people’s lives in new ways.

We are delighted to have opened the RAISE Challenge Fund to support aspirational thinking and initiative in voluntary sector activity in the South East. We are working with the Community Foundation for Surrey, which is administering the Fund on our behalf in collaboration with the other 6 Community Foundations in the South East.

Through the Fund we want to help groups and organisations to achieve greater results for their local communities by supporting them to grow, develop and overcome barriers. We want to see innovation, good ideas, creative thinking, resourcefulness and possibly some considered risk taking.

We are particularly keen to support groups and organisations that may struggle to find funding elsewhere.

RAISE support is available to help groups through the application process and beyond into the grant period, and we want this partnership approach to grant making to underpin the entire programme.

A key aim of the programme is to learn from our approach to grant making and to share that learning with other funders and more widely.

The RAISE Challenge Fund is open during 2015/16 and we expect most grant funding to have been spent during that period. We will be evaluating the programme at the end of the year.

RAISE Challenge Fund at a glance

What is the Fund for?

The aim of the Fund is to enable significant change to occur in the capability of a voluntary group or charitable organisation. This change must result in demonstrated benefits being delivered by the group or organisation to the individuals or communities they support. Examples of change include, though are not limited to:

  • diversifying services
  • enhancing skills or knowledge
  • strengthening a group’s own structures and processes (e.g. formalising a group into an organisation)
  • building local connections

Successful applicants to the Fund will need to be able to demonstrate the change they are seeking to make, how their group or organisation will be different as a result of the grant, and the resulting impact on people and communities.

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