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OpenHeritage joins the Collections Trust SPECTRUM Partners Scheme

OpenHeritage was founded in 2015, as a non-profit entity to raise funds for national heritage management systems in Africa and other developing regions of the world. Its collections management system is now being used by the National Heritage Council of Namibia, and negotiations are underway to implement it in Kenya next year.

The OpenHeritage system is built using free, open source software. The main platform consists of Drupal, a web-based content management system. This interfaces with Geoserver, an open source mapserver, and OpenDataKit (ODK) an open source data collection software suite for Android devices. The platform is built as a national heritage management system serving three primary functions, namely as a national heritage sites register/inventory, a national collections management system and a national heritage management system for applications such as permits or developments.

The use of free and open sources has allowed for extremely rapid software development, small teams, and application of sophisticated modules that are usually only sold as add-ons. This has removed the upfront purchase cost of software for participating countries, so that their limited budgets may be spent entirely on human resources, training and support.

Further information about OpenHeritage can be found on the Collections Trust Choose A CMS Comparison Tool -

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