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Touring Exhibitions Group awarded Arts Council England funding for 'Economics of Touring Exhibitions: Models for Practice' research and training programme

The Touring Exhibitions Group (TEG) will receive a £40,000 investment from Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund, to support the delivery of a two-year research and training programme that will explore the economics of touring. Support for the project has also been secured from TESS Demountable.

Touring exhibitions can ensure the sustainability of access to high quality temporary exhibitions to all. They are a key tool when responding to reduced funding for exhibitions.

TEG has identified a pressing need for detailed information and learning resources to assist organisations in the identification and application of appropriate funding models for the delivery of touring exhibitions.

The Economics of Touring Exhibitions: Models for Practice programme will research and analyse the range of economic models being employed to fund, develop and deliver touring exhibitions across the UK. The research will be used to generate resources that organisations can consult and employ when looking to fund touring exhibitions, including a range of practical models.

The grant from Arts Council England also provides funding to deliver subsidised training across the country between November 2015 and March 2017, and an online toolkit, based on the information and resources generated by the Economics of Touring research.

Louise Hesketh, TEG Chair, says: “This is a great opportunity for TEG and its membership to build on our track record of professional development and research, supporting the sector in developing innovative approaches to funding touring exhibitions in the UK today.”


John Orna-Ornstein, Director, Museums, Arts Council England, says: “The Museum Resilience Fund is supporting a wide range of cultural organisations to become more sustainable and resilient at a challenging time. This investment in TEG’s research and training programme will help ensure people can continue to access collections, expertise and knowledge through touring exhibitions.”

For further information or to speak to a member of the TEG committee about the Economics of Touring programme contact Charlotte Dew, 0776 1650082 or

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