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LAINet news from Eileen Clegg: 'Maker Movement in Museums; practical way to bring technology into museums'

LAINet (Learning, Access and Interpretation Network) members met on 26 February 2015. This time Fort Nelson was host to LAINet’s latest training event. Paul Clifford demonstrated how cheap electronics can make anything interactive, including fruit. Helen Sinnamon demonstrated Lego Mindstorms, programmable Lego robots.

Paul says; ‘Together with the members of LAInet we explored the wonderful world of 'Maker' technologies. These technologies, often referred to as 'DIY electronics' or 'open source hardware', are cheap and are being used by a community of inventors, tinkerers, hackers and modders to create and share ideas, code and products. These devices link the physical with the digital and allow us to build fast, cheap and often. Making physical objects connect to the digital world and creating amazing artworks, interactives and control systems are now possible for everyone. Control a computer with fruit using a Makey Makey, make a poster talk with electric paint and an Arduino device or control you’re heating and lighting with a Raspberry Pi. It's all possible and just the beginning!’

Helen Says; ‘At Milestones Museum we have been piloting the use of LEGO Mindstorms® for family workshops, and also with Key Stage 3 students as a future addition to our schools programme. It has proved an excellent – and hugely popular – modern link to our transport and technology collection, as well as complementing events such as Bricks in Motion and Dinosaur Hunters. Mindstorms™ are small electronic programmable computers, ‘intelligent bricks,’ that can be built into any design of robot, and control an amazing array of movement and sounds, as well as responses and reactions from sensors. Not only is it great fun for children and adults, but it also has Curriculum links with Design and Technology, Science and Maths, and encourages skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.’

Helen Sinnamon

Assistant Community Engagement & Learning Officer – Milestones and Basing House

Hampshire Cultural Trust

Paul Clifford

Freelance Learning and Creative Technology Specialist.

Eileen Clegg

Education Officer, Royal Armouries Museum


Image: LEGO Mindstorms®


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