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Have you VanGo'd yourself? Culture24 tells us how

VanGoYourself is a website that allows people to recreate artworks from museums and galleries around the world. It is aimed at people who are tired of just looking at paintings and want to get inside them instead. All users need to do is select an artwork and then strike a pose.

Their recreation is then twinned with the original work, and available to share on their own social media channels. The best recreations are added to the VanGo’d gallery and all of them are published to Tumblr. It’s a fun way for people to engage with art, encouraging them to look at both well-known masterpieces and hidden gems in a new light.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, VanGoYourself is inviting all couples to submit a romantic VanGoYourself for the chance to win a bottle of champagne and a pair of mugs personalised with their own recreation. To take part, couples simply choose an artwork with the Romantic tag on VanGoYourself. They then simply replicate the pose or perhaps reinterpret it with a contemporary twist. Everyone is encouraged to use their imagination and get creative!

Artworks within the Romantic tag include sensual classics such as Brighton Museum & Art Gallery’s Idyll by Lawrence Koe or the Rijksmuseum’s more restrained Double Portrait of a Young Couple as Granida and Daifilo by Johannes Mytens.

Those looking for a more restrained recreation need look no further than Sarcophagus of the Spouses from the National Etruscan Museum in Italy (Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia). This 6th century BC Etruscan sarcophagus depicts a married couple reclining at a banquet together in the afterlife.

For couples looking for a more unusual portrait, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Oedipus and the Sphinx by Gustave Moreau offers a surprisingly intimate scene, whilst the Villa Vauban’s Two Women from Naples by Guillaume Bodnier makes for a gentle and chaste recreation.

The best of the submitted recreation will feature in a special gallery on national arts and heritage website on Valentine’s Day. We’ll also select our favourite recreation and send the winning couple a bottle of champagne and a matching pair of mugs with their recreation printed on it to drink it from! 

VanGoYourself offers a unique and fun way for couple to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as well as gaining a new perspective and engagement with works of art from around the world.

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