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Opportunity for Kent museums to work with Belgium partners

Kent County Council, with their Belgium parnters, the West Flanders Regional Government, are looking to submit an application for European funding to develop a Great War project that brings schools and museums together through the use of digital technology.

A key part of the project will be the development of a network of experts and schools through internet. The network will provide students, who have no access to visit a commemoration site or museum in person, can visit virtually through the internet. The target students are those who belong to the group of social inclusion; students with low vision or blind, hard-of-hearing or deaf, suffer from mental or physical issues, who are prolonged sick or students from poor families. Of course, the project will not exclude other school groups who are interested in working this way.

The establishment of this network means, for some groups, the only possible way of having contact with the institution, for others it is the perfect preparation for a visit, and/or a way to visit the institution ‘behind the screens’, where a visitor never comes.

Necessary for this project is an good internet connection, a camera, microphone, speakers etc. The museum will have to commit time to preparing for the digital discussions: they will have to make appointments with the students (when-what-how they will ‘see’ each other). The digtial interactive session itself may not take longer than one class hour, and will be carried out during school hours.

At this stage, the West Flanders Regional Government and Kent County Council just needs to know who and how many museums might be interested if the project were to go ahead. It may be necessary to provide a bit more information and commitment if the project gets to the full application stage.

To flag up your interest, please email Sofie Viaene ( copying in KCC's Strategic Projects and Partnership Manager Sean Carter ( Timescales are very tight so contact Sofie today! 

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