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AIM Advocacy Toolkit: Evidencing Social and Environmental Impacts of Museums

AIM has published a new Advocacy Impact Toolkit to support museums of all types in making their own cases for the many ways in which they benefit the public, their communities and society.

The Economic Impact Toolkit was launched in 2010 and updated last year. Its easy-to-use format has enabled museums across the UK to demonstrate, in a credible way, their economic contribution to their local and regional areas.

With the new Advocacy Impact Toolkit, museums will be able to identify and explain the positive impacts they are having and be confident that they can share these in a way that will be credible and note-worthy to people from outside the heritage sector.

DC Research wrote the toolkit, Arts Council England funded it, and AIM would welcome feedback and suggestions from museums that have used it.

The toolkit will be useful to museums in all parts of the UK and to independents, local authority museums and others. It is available to all, without charge, from the AIM website.

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