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Prince's Foundation Start Programme for Chidren and the Arts

The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts has announced that it is accepting invitations from UK-wide arts venues to take part in the Start programme, working to foster new partnerships with local schools in deprived areas and give them the motivation, means and opportunity to engage their pupils in a series of creative experiences outside the school environment.

Children & the Arts provides participating arts venues with funding and support for up to three years, empowering them to create long lasting and sustainable partnerships with local schools through a tailored arts engagement programme.

Built around a model of best practice, which is evaluated and improved on each year, Start ensures children visit their local arts venue at least twice, to see high quality arts performances and exhibitions, with the chance to go behind the scenes to meet artists, directors, actors, choreographers, technicians and dancers. Start also provides an opportunity for pupils to take part in creative workshops, developing their own art works, performances or dance pieces.

Since 2006, Start has awarded grants of over £1.25m to arts organisations around the UK, enabling them to build strong relationships with their local schools and engaging over 110,000 children and young people in the process. Through Start’s tried and tested framework, arts venues gain the tools, expertise and resources to open their doors to the children who need to be inspired by the arts the most.

Visit the Start website for more information.

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