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> > National Arts Fundraising School residential course: Worthing Museum and Art Gallery

National Arts Fundraising School residential course: Worthing Museum and Art Gallery

Museum Name

Worthing Museum and Gallery

Museum Contact

Gerry Connolly, Curator of Historic Collections

Title of Project

National Arts Fundraising School residential course


10-15 November 2013

What was the Project aim/s?

  • To equip me with the skills needed to realise my potential as a fundraiser and the fundraising potential of the museum.
  • Help me to identify new innovative ideas, invigorate familiar approaches and tap into fundraising opportunities that I may not have been considered before.
  • To allow me to focus on the immediate and long term need of the museum and leave at the end of the course with a clear focused action plan and enthused to develop a comprehensive strategy for the museum.
  • Sharing the learning experience with colleagues for across the arts and heritage sector, all of whom are responsible for fundraising in some way.
  • To increase my confidence in developing and presenting new funding projects to colleagues and prospective funders and sponsors.

What was the impact of the project?

  • I came away from the weeks training with a greater understanding of fundraising and the skills to develop and access different funding streams.
  • The tools to develop a funding strategy for a project and or the organisation.
  • The confidence to develop a project idea and pitch the project for funding.
  • The training is not a quick fix, it is the foundation stone to enabling the museum to delivering a better service and creating a more enjoyable experience for our visitors.

What went well and what didn’t go well?

The training timings worked well. Although a week seemed a long time at the outset, it ended up not being quite long enough. Having said that, I am not sure that my brain would have held out for more than the 6 days. The course was intense and full-on from the moment you arrive.

The trainer was engaging informative and able to adapt the course to the need of the candidates. It is always good to have a trainer that is still actively employed in the subject rather than somebody who used to work in the sector.

The course did feel a little bit over subscribed - it was one of the largest group ever to attend.

Top Tips

Clear your diary for the week, the course is full on!

What are your plans for the future?

As an organisation we have immediate plans to develop the permanent galleries in the museum, and longer term plans to develop the museum itself.

Each of the galleries has very different opportunities and the training has given me the skills to package and present these opportunities to a range of different types of potential funders.

The organisation is also looking at packaging some of the temporary galleries as a sponsorship opportunity for local businesses. The museum has a long way to go, but we have most definitely taken the first step.

Overall Cost of the Project

£1,785 ex VAT