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National Arts Fundraising School residential course: Towner

Museum Name


Museum Contact

Lea Guzzo, Outreach and Participation Manager

Title of Project

National Arts Fundraising School residential course


What was the Project aim/s?

What was the impact of the project?

I really enjoyed the National Arts Fundraising School. Not only did I learn new skills, I also managed to meet some other arts professional working in the arts, which was a very enriching experience. The course helped me realise how far we still had to go in term of fundraising and how important it was for us to get a fundraising manager to join our team and to decide which areas we wanted to focus on in order to maximise our chances of raising funding. I have also adjusted my behaviours with funders in order to maintain better relationships with them and work on a longer term basis with them.

What went well and what didn’t go well?

The course was very informative but I felt that we focused too much on corporate fundraising rather than on fundraising strategy, which would have been more useful for me and Towner. I also understand that it must be hard to create a tailored-made programme for every single participant and I felt that the overall experience was really fantastic; especially the speakers/trainers were outstanding.

Top Tips

What are your plans for the future?

As I mentioned before I have adjusted some of my behaviours in order to develop further my relationships with our funders. I also built my confidence in other areas of fundraising, which I did not really know before I attended the course. In addition, it became even more apparent that I did not have the capacity within my role to manage our 14 ongoing outreach projects and also raise the necessary funds to sustain and develop our programme whilst maintaining good relationships with our funders. Therefore I put a case forward to get an Outreach Projects Coordinator to support our projects so I can have more time to focus on fundraising and strategic tasks. This request has been accepted and someone should fill in post by the end of July so I will be able to devote more time to fundraising and get more head space to focus on developing a fundraising plan for my department.

Furthermore, I have stayed in touch with some of the other attendees and I am meeting one of them in the next weeks to touch base but also to potentially develop new partnership between our two organisations.

Overall Cost of the Project

£1,785 ex VAT