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> > National Arts Fundraising School residential course: Amberley

National Arts Fundraising School residential course: Amberley

Museum Name

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre

Museum Contact

Claire Seymour

Title of Project

National Arts Fundraising School residential course


What was the Project aim/s?

What was the impact of the project?

The course was effective in providing the necessary skills and background information, along with a comprehensive reference manual.

It now means that a member of staff is up-to-date with fundraising information. Before this, the Museum relied on the services of an 80 year old volunteer who comes in on a part-time basis. The manual will also be useful in getting other members of staff, Trustees and volunteers up to speed.

All fundraising is geared towards improving the visitor experience so will ultimately be of benefit.  Funding is directed towards improving the Museum for our visitors. For example, since the course we are applying for funding to provide an early years trail for families and play-groups.

Despite the uncertain economic climate, we are planning for the future. Fundraising will play a key role in making sure the Museum is successful in the future.

What went well and what didn’t go well?

The trainers were excellent as was the organisation of the course.

Whilst only one person attended the course, its impact will permeate throughout the Museum. Following the Museum’s AGM on 6 July, the new Trustees and Chair of Trustees will be briefed as to the course so that the Museum can start to improve its fundraising.

Top Tips

What are your plans for the future?

The Museum would like to improve its fundraising and develop a strategy (this might include recruiting an appropriate staff member). Fundraising needs to be more integrated into the Museum’s day-to-day operation than it has been in the past.

If the Museum is successful in improving its fundraising, this could unlock the monies to develop the site for the benefit of the visitors and will help protect the collection.

One immediate area of work is putting together a legacy leaflet as the Museum had nothing in place regarding this. As a number of our supporters are elderly, it makes sense to make this a priority.

Overall Cost of the Project

£1,785 ex VAT