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> > Environmental monitoring, Royal Engineers Museum, Kent

Environmental monitoring, Royal Engineers Museum, Kent

Museum Name

Royal Engineers Museum, Library and Archive.

Museum Contact

Amy Dimmock, Assistant Curator

Equipment / materials used or borrowed

Hanlog Data Loggers

Dates of work / project carried out using the equipment / materials

August 2013-August 2014

How did you use the equipment / material to improve your collections care?

We used the equipment to measure the humidity and temperature of the galleries so we could have a greater understanding of how the objects were being affected

What was the impact of having this equipment / material available to you?

Having this equipment has meant that we have become aware of the huge differences in humidity in our photography store. It has also made us aware of issues regarding heating etc. that we do not have control over as we do not own the Museum building.

This has led to the possibility of future projects of continuing to measure the humidity and temperature with other data loggers

What went well and what didn't go well?

The difficulties that we encountered in the Museum included that fact that the data loggers drew attention to issues that we have no control over and cannot do anything about.

There was no additional training and it was only the documentation team that dealt with the data loggers. The loggers were in full view of the public in the galleries but did not have an impact on the visitors.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future include continuing to monitor the humidity and temperature levels and logging the data.