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> > Clore Leadership Short Course: Towner, Eastbourne

Clore Leadership Short Course: Towner, Eastbourne

Museum Name


Museum Contact

Sanna Moore, Head of Contemporary Programmes

Title of Project

Clore Leadership Short Course (residential)


9-20 September 2013

What was the Project aim/s?

To develop leadership skills.

What was the impact of the project?

Taking time out for professional development came at a crucial time for me to reassess what I have achieved in my career over the last 15 years and think about how I develop further. Stepping back from the everyday and recognising my strengths and achievements was really empowering. On the course we never talked about weaknesses, we only ever focused on strengths.

The course allowed me to recognise skills within myself which are leadership skills. I never really thought about myself being a leader before but recognising how I lead and guide my team, artists, colleagues, the programme, everyday within my job made me realise I am leading without really thinking about it.

It also gave me the opportunity to expand my peer network. I feel I am very well networked within the gallery and museum sector but Clore provided networking opportunities with other art forms; theatre, dance, opera, classical music. I realised that colleagues in these arts forms are dealing with exactly the same problems and issues that I am. The Clore group have continued to support each other and meet on a regular basis.

Attending the course made me realise the extent to which I had developed in my job and recognise that the job I was recruited to do had changed and developed far beyond the original intention and job description. This gave me the courage to ask for a change of job title to reflect the seniority of my position and the extent to which this is a strategic role in the organisation.  I am now Head of Contemporary Programmes.

What went well and what didn’t go well?

The session on governance was key, with Towner moving to trust this year, how to set up and manage a board and what a board should and shouldn’t do was enlightening.

Resilience in practice – also key session at difficult time in the arts - identifying how you remain resilient in difficult times but also how you manage resilience in your team and have them to come along with you on the bumpy ride.

Authentic leadership – recognising the leader you are – a real 'light bulb' moment for me because I always felt to be a leader, I had to be like someone else and not be myself.

Strategy, financial and risk – again key timing when working in an organisation that is moving to trust and rewriting vision, mission and business plan.

The session on digital did not go so well. It was not well structured and did not seem relevant, which was disappointing.

Top Tips


What are your plans for the future?

I am continuing to build on what I have learned and put that into practice each day. It has given me a renewed commitment to mentoring staff within my team to develop. It has given me confidence in myself and my position, I am here because I have worked in the sector for 15 years and I hold a Senior Management position because I am experienced in my role, knowledgeable and professional.

By doing Clore, I recognised the need to have a mentor in the sector outside of my organisation. It took quite a while to identify who that person should be and how that relationship could work but I am now having regular meetings with a mentor who is helping me identify and plan for the future direction of my career.

Overall Cost of the Project

£1,800 ex VAT