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> > SEWS CPD Bursary: Clore Leadership Short Course - Lucy Hockley

SEWS CPD Bursary: Clore Leadership Short Course - Lucy Hockley


Luck Hockley, Schools Services & Project Manager, Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.

Title of Project

Clore Leadership Short Course


24th November to 5th December 2014.

What was the impact of the course?

What new skills have you gained?

Yes, over a two week intensive course there was much new material to learn and new skills to develop; the course has to be the beginning for some skills, though, as you can only learn through practice.

How has your organisation become more efficient and/or effective?

Using the skills will take time to develop, but should help me to be more effective in my work, which in turn will benefit the organisation.

It is also very beneficial to take time away from an organisation to think about future activities and reflect on what we do, why and how.

Is your organisation able to plan for a sustainable and resilient future?

Development of staff, as one of the key resources of an organisation, helps towards planning for a sustainable future. In another sense sustainability itself is one of my interests, which has been further developed by the course and I hope that there will be chance here to develop the ideas more fully.

What went well and what didn’t go well?

Was the timing right for your organisation?

Yes, in terms of the time of the year it was a good time for me to be out of the office, rather than in the busy summer months. In more general terms it felt like a good time after a couple of years in my current role to have a chance to re-evaluate..

What were the strengths of this type of course?

Over the course we had many different speakers and session leaders; part of the strength of the whole was this variety. It was instructive to see how many people from different specialisms made some similar or complementary points to each other. The media training, for example, had many practical points I found particularly useful.

How have you shared the learning with other in your organisation?

I had discussions with colleagues about the training and invited all the management team to an update.

What are your plans for the future?

How will the learning from this project be implemented in your organisation?

As encouraged on the course, I’m taking some time to develop different ideas and re-evaluated various ways of working. These will of course affect future plans, and at a time of considerable change externally, it is a good time to reflect on what we do and why.

What further CPD has this course suggested for you, and how do you plan to address this?

One point I’ve realised again from the course is how important various networks of connections are to people who work in relatively small organisations (with few staff doing a similar role). It was very useful to share ideas and hear about other people’s experiences. The support of others is really valuable and I hope through more informal means to continue this benefit of the training. Also there was so much to take in during the course that I will need to revisit the information and do further research into some areas.

Any other thoughts?

I found it a really valuable experience and am very grateful for the opportunity to attend. It was interesting how many topics picked up on some intuitive knowledge or experience, but it was useful to discuss the points more thoroughly, so that in future, work can be more clearly directed.

We spent time looking at different scenarios and examining our own responses to topics, which I also found a very valuable exercise, as everyday working life often allows very little time for this. Some of the sharing from cultural leaders’ own working stories was just as instructive as the more formal sessions; I’m aware that our working lives are not linear and the variety of experiences and attitudes to taking risk was interesting. I think the course provided a new way to consider aspects of working in this sector and practical skills development.

Overall Cost of the Course