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> > Care, Cleaning and Display of Military Uniform at the KSY

Care, Cleaning and Display of Military Uniform at the KSY

Museum Name

Kent & Sharpshooters Yeaomanry Museum

Museum Contact

Huw Jones

Dates of training

October 2015

What was the impact of the training?

The Museum was relocating to a new building and so a whole new display had been planned. There has been an assessment of the uniform collection previously carried out by the SEMDP Preventive Conservation Officer who made recommendiations on what was suitable for display and what required conservation.

Once the uniforms had been selected, a training day for staff and volunteers was held on how to carefully clean the uniforms and accessories and guidance on how best to display them in the new museum. The day also covered some basics of preventive conservation such as environmental monitoring and pest management.

The training day was used to not only give the volunteers training but also to recruit new volunteers who will look after the collection into the future. By giving the day a very practical focus, the volunteers learnt not only the necessary skills but also confidence in what they were doing.  

What went well and what didn’t go well?

The museum was able to provide materials for the training day and an excellent working space in their new education room. 

What are your plans for the future?

We hope in the future this training will have given the team a sense of ownership over the collection and they will continue to monitor it and care for it appropriately.

This is a subject that would be really useful for a number of museums to have training on, and hopefully the museum will host a larger regional training day next year.