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> > An Energy Audit for the Guildhall Museum, Rochester

An Energy Audit for the Guildhall Museum, Rochester

Museum Name

Guildhall Museum, Rochester

Museum Contact

Alan Wood

Title of Project

Energy, Waste & Water Efficiency Audit


Audit - December 2012

Recommendations implemented - ongoing

What was the Project aim(s)?

To reduce energy consumption and save money.

The audit was carried out by the Sustainable Business Partnership.

What was the impact of the project?

The museum started by looking at utility charges. Without water meters in place, water bills had been based on rateable value and were particularly high due to the 17th century listed building’s size and town centre location. Installing water meters has reduced charges by over £5,000 per year, and allows Alan to track consumption to spot any leaks.

Alan also monitors electricity usage via an on-line portal that receives information directly from a smart meter and takes regular gas meter readings. Further savings of over £1,000 are also expected from recently switching one of their electricity supplies to a new tariff.

Guildhall Museum has reduced waste to landfill by around half a tonne by ensuring recycling bins are obviously located and that staff know which materials can be segregated. This simple measure also reduces costs, as does re-using packaging materials to store artefacts when not on display.

Savings Snapshot
Water charges: £5,000
Electricity tariff: £1,000
LED lighting: £250

In-line with legislation, electrical and hazardous waste is segregated and collected for recovery by a registered Waste Carrier. The museum obtained a ‘coffin’ from their waste company to safely store spent fluorescent tubes before collection.

Now on top of their bills, the museum is looking to reduce utility consumption. By replacing 75 tungsten candle lamps in chandeliers with low energy LED models Alan expects to save over 3,000 kWh and £250 per year. Like the LED spotlights fitted in the Medway Exhibition and museum shop to replace halogen versions, the candles emit minimal UV and thermal radiation, important for the conservation of paintings and artefacts.

What are your plans for the future?

The Kent & Medway MDO has allocated a small amount of funding to the museum as part of this project, which will be put towards refurbishing their bathrooms and install water efficient appliances.  

Overall Cost of Project

Audit £800

Implementation funding £700

Total: £1,500