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A Review of REMLA's Interpretation

Museum Name

View of the new introduction & feedback foyer units

Image credit: REMLA

Royal Engineers Museum, Library & Archive

Museum Contact

James Scott, Deputy Curator (Exhibitions and Galleries)

Title of Project

Interpretation Review


November 2013 - March 2014

What was the Project aim(s)?

The aim of this project was to carry out a visitor experience review in order to develop the visitor experience in terms of interpretation and support the writing of an interpretation plan for the Museum.

What was the impact of the project?

The new introduction foyer unit which was created as a result of Kate Measure's suggestion for a clearer welcome to the museum.

Image credit: REMLA

We have a much better awareness of what needs to change in the museum, in order to attract and better serve different audiences. We are more aware of how our interpretation, exhibition layout and visitor facilities affect the overall experience of a visitor. 

What went well and what didn’t go well?

We held a day session which included a cross section of museum staff at all levels. Kate Measures delivered the course; I cannot recommend her enough. Her observations and advice were spot on! Her method of getting everyone involved during the sessions was fantastic. Since then she has provided guidance on our ongoing work.

Top Tips

The new feedback foyer unit which was created as a result of Kate Measures' suggesting the need for a better feedback system.

Image credit: REMLA

Getting a range of staff involved was a great idea, it meant that everyone was on board with the changes when they came and it helped develop more of an organisational philosphy. 

What are your plans for the future?

Several changes have been planned to address our issues, such as:

  • the creation of introduction and feedback units in the foyer
  • outdoor banners to attract people into the museum
  • a new museum guide and a rethink of our orientation aids.

On top of this, the guidance we received heavily influenced the creation of our interpretation plan, which is currently in review.

Overall Cost of Project

£1080 inc VAT