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Re:Fresh Project Update - September 2013

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Image credit: South East Museum Development Programme

Project outing to the Imperial War Museum

To collate and show all that we have learnt in Part 1 of this fantastic project the project participants were given the opportunity to:

  1. Critically appraise another museum with lots of different interpretation styles
  2. Take a look at a really family focussed temporary exhibition
  3. See how the museum copes while it is having a major refurb (which as discussed, some of you are thinking about in the future)  
  4. Network with other project museums
  5. Input into how the Re:Fresh project looks and what support, training etc is available to the museums over the next 6 months and beyond


Finishing this phase of the project


IWM horrible Histories Spies exhibition Sept 2013

Image credit: Heritage insider for SE MDP Re:Fresh Project

Online resources:

Some more photos have been uploaded onto Kate Measures' Flickr account and some of our project museums participation can be seen in the 'Training' folder; 'Evaluation & Consultation' folder; the 'Spies at the IWM' folder & the 'Eastbourne Ancestors' folders. Or if you're inspired by this project and looking for more general inspiration, do have a look at the other images. All here:

IWM Horrible Histories Spies Exhibition Sept 2013

Image credit: Heritage Insider for SE MDP Re:Fresh Project